Seizure-like epilepsy

D. A./San Jose, CA
Upon a referral from a friend, I visited with Dr. Sheu in Sept. of 2010. My initial health concern were the seizure like episodes. I had been experiencing after a neurological event similar to a mini stroke in early Feb. of 2010. Initially, I followed the traditional route with medical doctors and medication. After some time, I became frustrated with the lack of results and the numerous side effects from the medications.

A friend of mine, who successfully received treatments from Dr. Sheu after a car accident, suggested I visit with him. At the time of our conversation, I noticed how healthy she looked. Her skin was glowing, and she talked about being pain free.

During my first appointment, I was prepared to provide a detailed account of my current health concerns. To my utter amazement, Dr. Sheu assessed and diagnosed my problem with uncanny accuracy using Qi Gong body scanning. His technique took seconds, and provided me with valuable information. With empathy and compassion, Dr. Sheu really listened to my experiences and challenges regarding my current state of health. Then, he embarked upon a natural, non-invasive treatment protocol.

Within one treatment cycle (5 visits), my seizure like episodes dissipated, and the medical test recommended by my neurologist to determine whether or not I had epilepsy came back normal. I truly believe if it had not been for Dr. Sheu, these episodes would still be occurring.

Beyond my initial reason for visiting Dr. Sheu, he continues to address various other health concerns I’ve been dealing with. Like the peeling of an onion, these deeper layers of health issues are being treated with Dr. Sheu’s amazing ability to heal utilizing this special form of medical Qi Gong. Moreover, his treatments further facilitated and supported my 110 pound weight loss over the past year.

Bringing balance, health, and fitness back into my life is a journey not a destination. With Dr. Sheu by my side, I’m beginning to enjoy all aspects of my life again. My family and friends continue to comment on how much younger I’ve been looking, and the healthy glow to my skin.



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