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Matthew Sheu is a California licensed acupuncturist. He holds two master degrees, a Master in Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM) and a Master in International Business.

Matthew achieved his master in TCM in 2005 at ACCHS in California. He started in studying TCM in Taiwan in 1980s. In 2004 he became a disciple of Qi Gong Master, Zhao Xue-Zhong and certified him as Medical Qi Gong Expert.

Master Zhao is the top Qi Gong master recognized by the Chinese government and opened the first private Qi Gong clinic licensed by the Beijing Health Bureau in 1985.  He created two innovative methods to treat patients called Information Diagnosis and Human Energy Healing.  Information Diagnosis visualizes the human body from a distance without the help of any instruments, and obtained the information feedback from patient’s systems. Human Energy Healing cleanses and detoxifies the patient’s body which absorbs emitted “external qi” from the master.  The absorbed “Qi” restores circulation and optimizes the performance of the immune system. (

With these two holistic methods, Matthew brings a unique perspective and insight into the art of natural healing. He uses both methods in his practice enabling his diagnosis to be both versatile and accurate. Information Diagnosis scans the human body without instruments described above. It is quick and straight forward and there is no need for patients to provide medical history or laboratory reports.


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