” CTA Healing Center is passionate to help people to restore their health and maintain a balanced life.”
--- Dr. Matthew Sheu

Acupuncturist, QiGong Expert, Founder of CTAHC

By applying healing qi to the body without the help of instruments and authentic Chinese medicine methods, people can recover from ailments and boost immune system promptly.

The first step to a better health is aware there’s alternative to make me healthier.

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Welcome to CTA Healing Center

Welcome to the Official website of California Traditional Articulated Healing Center!

California Traditional Articulated Healing Center was founded by Dr. Matthew Sheu in 2006. His purpose is to provide a place for people to be healed, recharged and to be maintained to a dynamic, balanced, and tranquil state in their stressful and on-going life.

Dr. Sheu spiritually and passionality cures and helps patients through his abundant knowledge of natural philosophy, energy fields and their healing applications. He alleviates patients’ health mainly through energy healing (qigong), feng shui, and Chinese Medicine.

A scanning diagnosis, without the help of any instruments, is done by Dr. Sheu, and it is surprisingly quick and accurate. Dr. Sheu identifies the symptoms and its origins, which have been proven to be accurate through the instant confirmation from patients.

During the process of energy healing, Dr. Sheu motions his hand within a close proximity to a patient’s body, as he emits the healing “qi” into the patient. It stimulates the body for therapeutic purposes.

In addition to maintaining a balanced and healthy life, those who are interested in the practice of qigong can also be taught under the instruction of Dr. Sheu. Qigong can detoxify and boost your immune system, which can be done through an exchange energy with nature.

Qigong Healing

The Qigong doctor visualizes the human body from a distance without the help of any instruments,then emits the healing qi (bioenergy) into patient’s body by waving the hand close to the body.The healing qi can relieve symptoms, detoxify, and boost the immune system.

Diet/Lifestyle Consultation

The consultation is an important segment of Dr Sheu’s overall treatment plan. Dr Sheu believes many aspects make people unhealthy, so the right diet, proper individual’s nutrition planning, healthy living environment and lifestyle are as important to the patient’s health as his treatment.


Acupuncture is the insertion of fine needles into the body at specific points shown as effective in the treatment of health problems. These points are called acupoints. Dr.Sheu uses an acupuncture system he created which guarantees results without any discomfort for patients.

Qigong Class

Informatics Qigong is a medical qigong, emphasizes on detoxing and self-healing. Its movements are easy to learned in hours and practice only 30 minutes a day. It can help both mind and body, also boost immune system and exchange energy with nature.

Chinese Herbs

Chinese Herbs have been used to enhance the therapeutic effects for thousands of year. Thanks to modern technology, people can take concentrated herbs is as effective as herbs tea. We only use the highest quality of purified herbs and packed them into a convenient capsules.

Youth Health

Dr Sheu specializes in pediatrics, combining western sports medicine and Chinese medicine with natural healing. He identifies the causes of growth issue on children; tailor a special holistic approach to help children grow tall and strong with a focus in.


S L posted

“ I’ve always been surprised how he can pinpoint my son’s pain points/ issues just by glancing at his qi. “

T P posted

“The migraine severity has lessened and I have experienced remarkable improvements in overall well-being. “

M S posted

“appreciate so much you have done with (my son )O and for him. “